Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Series of Moments: Part 1

There are two moments of my childhood that I credit as “THE MOMENT” I knew I was a feminist.  Perhaps I didn’t realize it back then but it seems so obvious to me now when I find myself sitting in a dorm room, scouring feminist blogs and thinking “YES. YES THAT IS HOW I FEEL.” […]

Inauguration Day: No One Cares About The Suits

Michelle Obama, you are the coolest. You’re brilliant and super hot and basically an all around super star. I will read pretty much any newspaper article or blog post that mentions your name. I will stare at pictures of you and pretend that we are best friends. I GET IT. You are fabulous and you […]

Still We Rise (The Really Intriguing Story)

I can count on one hand the number of times I have outright declared to someone “HEY. I am a FEMINIST.” And every single time it has been to a close friend who has probably already come to that conclusion on their own. (It sort of oozes out of me.) Truthfully, it took me a […]