Weekly (Feminist) Top 5

My top 5 (feminist) articles, blog posts, pictures, news stories, gifs (and beyond) for the week of February 3!

5) As a former Catholic school attendee and a dedicated user of foul language, I’m outraged on behalf of the student body at Queen of Peace Catholic High School in North Arlington, New Jersey. Girls were instructed to publicly swear not to swear EVER while boys were offhandedly instructed not to show off their potty mouths in front of the ladies.

I do solemnly swear not to use profanities of any kind within the walls and properties of Queen of Peace High School. In other words, I swear not to swear. So help me God.

Girls are being held to the deeply problematic standard of being “ladies” while everyone just expects “boys to be boys.”

4) Alabama high school football coach and psychology teacher Bob Grisham made fun of my girl Michelle Obama and spouted off a few derogatory terms about gays in front of students-and got suspended for it. He’s teaching fitness and health but clearly doesn’t understand he needs to respect all people, no matter their sexual orientation or body type.

3) Apparently Kevin Swanson has never heard of menstruation and/or has zero knowledge of female biology. The radio host proclaimed this week that,

these wombs of women who have been on the birth control pill effectively have become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies.

In case you weren’t already worried, this is just a little more evidence that they are coming for your birth control.

2) February 6 was National Girls and Women in Sport Day! Don’t miss this article from thefbomb.org that points out four very important things Title IX has done that don’t include athletics. While there is still a lot more work to be done, it’s ok to take a second and thank Title IX for the progress that has already been made.

1) Someone at Fox News is probably really embarrassed after they got caught posting a picture of a same sex couple alongside an article about traditional gender roles. Jessica Valenti tweeted about their mistake early Friday evening:

Shhh! No one tell Fox News that the “wedding kiss” pic w/their piece on traditional gender roles is a same sex couple

Jessica’s realization and Fox’s mistake made it to BuzzFeed and also the top of Reddit. Congrats on winning the internet, Jessica!


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