Weekly (Feminist) Top 5

My top 5 (feminist) articles, blog posts, pictures, news stories, gifs (and beyond) for the week of February 10!

5. This inspiring thank you note to Courtney Martin will stir up all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings about being women and being feminist and being awesome in general.


4. In light of the State of the Union address this week, I’m making this article criticizing President Obama’s wording one of my top five of the week. The President used the “our wives, mothers, and daughters” phrasing twice during his speech and has in fact used it many times before. It’s time somebody told him that

My worth as a woman, and as a person, is not imbued by my relationship to someone else.

Women played a huge role in reelecting the President to a second term of office. It’s important that as women we stand up and say “HEY. Guess what? We voted for you as citizens, not just wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters.” When trying to promote legislation that will benefit women, we are asking that the President stop speaking only to the men of America.

Amen. Sign this petition if you agree.

3. After becoming a certified DC tour guide and living in Washington D.C. for three months last year, it would be an understatement to mention that I’m familiar with the memorials and monuments of our capitol city. They’re big and permanent and meaningful and humbling all at once. But when something temporary, like words written by an anonymous rape victim floating in the Reflecting Pool, is just as powerful with an added bonus of being beautiful and haunting and feminist, it needs to be mentioned.

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture is responsible for this awesomeness in the Reflecting Pool. Part guerrilla art movement, part activist organization, I’m a huge fan. At FORCE, they “believe that a more difficult and honest conversation needs to happen in America to face the realities of sexual violence, and we envision a world where sex is empowering and pleasurable rather than coercive and violent. As activists, we are here to force the issue.” Check them out.

2. This week was Valentine’s Day. V-day. Galentine’s Day. Just a regular day. But also a den when 1 billion women rose up in the face of domestic violence, rape, and any other form of violence against women. Like any movement, One Billion Rising had it’s critics. Natalie Gyte spoke out against Eve Ensler’s event:

The primary problem with One Billion Rising is its refusal to name the root cause of women’s inequality; its outright refusal to point the finger at a patriarchal system which cultivates masculinity and which uses the control and subjugation of women’s bodies as an outlet for that machoism.

I’m of the opinion that bringing awareness to an issue is important, but we can’t expect that to solve anything. However, huge crowds of women dancing isn’t going to be a progressive move in the fight to change rape culture,

but if it makes a survivor feel free and in control of her body, if only for a few minutes today, dance on.

1. And now I will leave you with the GIF of the week. Does this need to be explained? I didn’t think so.  Tina Fey, everyone.


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